Big Problem (poem/sermon)

This is a poem/sermon retelling and reflection on the story of David & Goliath, it is free to use but please don’t republish.

Have you ever had a problem
So big it’s hard to see 
That the answer that we look for
Is inside you and me

Goliath was a giant
The Israelites were scared
Who will come and fight me
But there was no one who dared.

The problem is too big they said
Goliath to big and strong
Who will come and fight me
Nobody, not one.

David was a small boy
Looked after father’s sheep
That day he came to brothers
To bring something to eat.

He heard goliath calling
Come fight me if you dare
He looked at all their army
Everyone looked scared.

I will fight that giant
Said David, small but brave
He might be big and scary
But God’s with us he’ll save

His brothers started laughing
He’s big, your only small
You cannot go and fight him
You’ll have no chance at all.

But David didn’t listen
And to the king he went
I’ll go and fight that giant
With power heaven sent.

The King he roared with laughter
And rolling on the floor
You cannot go and fight him
Go on, get out the door.

But David stood up to him
I won’t go out alone
I know our God is with us
Just let me take a stone.

If you really want to fight him
Then let me help you out
Here put on my armour
It will protect you from his clout.

But it’s to big and heavy
I can’t move in this thing
I only need 5 pebbles
And I’ll take my trusty sling

David stepped into the valley
Goliath he looked down
Who is this sent to fight me
This boy, this child, this clown

You may look down upon me
But I’m bigger than you know
I’ve the power of God almighty
And I’ll kill you with one stone

David dipped into his pocket
Found a stone so round and smooth
from his sling it flew, at the giants head
he fell and couldn’t move

Right between the eyes it hit
Goliath fell down dead
Our God he is more mighty
Then any giant he said

The philistines were frightened
They ran, they fleed, they fled
The Israelites were cheering
Cos now the giant was dead.

It wasn’t me said David
God showed me the way
They all knew he was with them
Each and every day.

You know we all face problems
Some big, some small, some scary
But God is right there with us
We need not be so wary

Fix your eyes on Jesus
His promises are true
He told us that he loves us
And he never will leave you.

(c) Rev Simo 2021