Ways we can help and support your school
With many years experience of going into schools, leading collective worship, RE lessons and school visits to churches (among other things) I have noticed that many teachers lack confidence in teaching RE, especially for those who are teaching a faith that they don’t have themselves. Through ‘Enter the Story (part 1)‘ we provide tools that can help with both the preparation of examining and thinking about Bible Stories. It is also a tool that can be used by pupils to delve deeper into the stories in the Bible themselves. The session lasts about 1.5-2 hours and so can be run either as after-school training or as part of an inset day.

We are also able to offer training and advice to help increase confidence in leading collective and/or class worship for staff or small groups of pupils (ie Worship Councils) and in the setting up and purposes of reflection areas.

We offer support with advice for writing/reviewing policies & statements for Church Schools or exploring values and mission statements.

Comment from a SIAMS Inspector/Schools Advisor.
Rev Simo is an integral part of the school community. He offers pastoral support to staff, pupils and families in a variety of engaging ways. Rev Simo supports planning for worship, reviewing reflection areas, imaginative staff training and teaching in RE. Collective worship was engaging for all pupils and adults. Children love learning and singing Rev Simo’s worship songs and this supports their understanding of the Trinitarian nature of Christianity. This was invitational, inclusive and inspires the school community to explore and learn more about Christian teaching.

Being a learner is a fun experience for part of an inset day (2 hours to half day depending on size of group and time available within your day) exploring with staff their own experiences of learning, and giving opportunities to have a go at learning something new.

As well as the training we offer, we also have resources available and events we can put on:

Three in One is a children’s song about the Holy Trinity with simple actions, it has been very popular in primary schools and the children love it. You can find a video you can download and use under the ‘Free Resources’ above and sheet music should hopefully be available to purchase soon.

Malcus, is a interactive telling of the Easter Story by Malcus. He was a servant of the High Priest and came with the soldiers to arrest Jesus. During the arrest he had his ear cut off by Peter, one of Jesus’ friends. In the midst of all that was happening Jesus reached out his hand and Malcus was healed. This is a presentation that lasts around 40-45 minutes aimed primarily at KS2. Time can be added for questions or leading a workshop or lesson on Easter.

Collective Worship and Lessons
Looking for someone to come and lead occasional or more regular Collective Worship or RE lessons? If your school is a significant distance from me, I may still be able to do a one-off Collective Worship or lesson if it can be arranged as part of an event with a local church or a special day/s or week of events with collective worship, workshops and lessons.

Tailor made
Looking for something different? We are constantly looking to expand the resources and support we offer. If the things above don’t provide what you need why not get in touch and talk about what you want to do.

We are also keen to help strengthen links between schools and the local church, maybe through combined events. Again do get in touch and we can explore the possibilities together.

To find out more visit the contact page and get in touch.