Hi, I’m Simon (Rev Simo), I’m married with three children and an ordained Priest within the Church of England. I am also a story teller, circus performer and illusion and I try and use these three together (perhaps with the odd song thrown in as well for good measure) to communicate what I believe to be the most important message you will ever hear. The message of the Good News of Jesus!

A few other things:

I am getting back into photography, an industry I used to work in, you will find some of my work in the gallery section of the site. I am also a chicken keeper and a huge fan of both Telephone Boxes and Land Rovers, neither of which I currently own but one day maybe 🙂


Having left school at 16 with very little to show for it I started out on my plan to become a photographer, then at the age of 19 it became clear that God was calling me to travel a different path, a path to full time work for Him. It was a few more years before this all began to happen but then in the mid 90’s despite my lack or previous qualifications it became clear that Bible college was the route for me.

I headed off to Moorlands College, in Dorset (it was during this time that I met the woman I now call my wife and also that I discovered the reason for not doing so well in school, dyslexia.) I started on a foundation course for a year and then took a degree in Theology. It was also during this time that I began to get an interest in circus skills which later (with the help of my Father in-law) Magic.

After 4 years at Moorlands I went into Church based youth & Children’s work for 10 years. Coming towards the end of my last youth work job and again praying about the future I was clearly being led down a slightly different path, this time it was towards ordination and for someone who had struggled at school I was now back to college for another 2 years, this time St John College, Nottingham.

I left St Johns and was ordained Deacon in 2011 and then ordained Priest in 2012 serving my Curacy in Christ Church, Warminster, Wiltshire iSalisbury Diocese.

In 2015 I moved to my current post as Rector of the 5 Parishes in the Diocese of Oxford.

My Vision

I am passionate about seeing peoples lives changed through the love of Jesus, as people come to know Him for the first time, or are drawn to know him more. I have a particular vision for seeing this happen within the rural church. It is a great privilege to be able to be involved in seeing these things happen both through my work as a minister and through performing my shows!

P.S. Just I case you were wondering about the name ‘Rev Simo’ it was at this same conference there was a typo on my name badge and hence the name ‘Simo’ came into being!