Partner with us…

Do you share our vision to see individuals, schools & churches develop their growth and learning of the Christian faith?

You can play a part in our mission, but how?

Through prayer, pray for the work, the continuing development of the vision, the support team who are PART of the mission (Prayer, Accountability & Reflection Team) as well as for the opportunities and links with Churches and Schools as we build this work.

By signing up, liked with the one above really, sign up to ‘The Road’ our quarterly email/newsletter, keep up-to-date with what has been happening and what is coming up, be informed for your prayers and find out if we’re doing anything near you. You can do this by filling in the short form here.

By giving financially, this is always the more difficult ask but it’s not about me asking for your money, it’s about seeking God and if He might be calling you to partner with this mission serving our schools and churches. You can do this by clicking here.

By sharing the vision, if you know others who might be interested in the work of Not Ashamed and or might like to discuss how we can support them, share this website and spread the word.

Got any questions or comments, do get in touch! (You can do that here)

God Bless

Rev Simo