What we do

Rev Simo – Fool 4 Christ
Story – Circus – Illusion

Rev Simo is a performer/evangelist. He performs a one man show called ‘Strange but True’ suitable for church outreach event and has a new Easter show for schools called ‘Malcus’. He can also provide custom performances for your event and circus workshops.

To find out more visit his website here.

Enter the Story

Enter the story is a series of three workshops designed to help us with reading the Bible and being able to enter and experience the story from a different perspective.

The first session is great for schools for preparation of lessons and for a teaching technique. It is also good for churches and diocese, for clergy, it gives new tools for exegesis, it is also good for congregations as a tool for engaging with the text in a new way and helping to increase confidence in Bible reading.

The further two sessions are aimed more at people involved in (or thinking about) ministry at any level, and expand upon the first by developing practical applications and developing storytelling.

Further details here.

This is a site sharing some photographic work. Images can be purchased for prints, poster elements or worship backgrounds (sales on this site are a work in progress and so at the moment all is done through emailing Rev Simo).

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A Ministry currently under development, exploring two different areas of music ministry.

The first is ‘Not a Label’ looking at the possibly of supporting Christian Musicians by enabling signing up to kind of a label but with no commitment.

The second is working on Play-lists for unsigned Christian Musicians on different platforms enabling people to listen to a variety of artists yet to be discovered.

Currently we are working with two artists:
SPELLT RONGE – search your preferred music service or you can visit their website and have a listen here.

RICHER FAITH – search your preferred music service or visit their YouTube channel here.