Resources and equipping for Churches, Diocese/District (or whatever your church calls it) and Training bodies.

As a minister do you struggle with encouraging and equipping your congregation to not just read the Bible but to interact and grow through it?

Do you find planning schools’ work and Collective Worship draining and you struggle with engaging the pupils?

Are you looking for an outreach event that will bring entertainment to all ages but also share the Gospel message?

These are just some of the areas where we are able to help. With over 25 years experience in Church Leadership through Youth and Children’s work and as an ordained Anglican Minister, Rev Simo brings a passion to help people go deeper with God, whether that’s taking the first steps in faith or walking with the long faithful disciples in our churches and helping them to find a new depth to their faith.

Enter the Story

Is a series of workshops building up to different levels. Part 1 is aimed at everyone in the church (and is also a great tool for schools in teaching RE, you could support them by providing access to this training). It does ‘what it says on the tin’ ie it is a way of entering into the stories/accounts we read in the Bible and thinking about the bigger picture.

Parts 2 & 3 then begin to rebuild the story to help us think about how we might tell the story in a school or service and maybe develop into a sermon.

To find out more click here.

Outreach events

Looking for something to run as a stand alone event, as part of a festival, an Alpha launch event, an MC for a local talent event or maybe a celebration at the end of a holiday club or similar?

Rev Simo uses storytelling, circus & Illusion to provide fun and laughter with a message.

Strange but True is a show developed to look at stories from the Bible that perhaps when taken on their own can seem a little strange, yet Christians believe them to be true and when we bring them into the context of a loving God we see how they can help us to understand God, the world and ourselves better.

To find out more and see a video preview of the show click here.

Easter story concert

This is currently being developed, but consists of retellings of various aspects of the events around Easter, a great opportunity to invite people in to reflect on the meaing of Easter and can be interspersed with Easter Hymns and Songs led by the church.

Church Weekends

Looking for a speaker who can bring fun and enthusiasm to your church weekend away, why not speak to Rev Simo about your plans and see if he can bring what you need?

Children’s worship

Rev Simo has written a children’s worship song called ‘Three in One’, all about the Trinity. It has proved very popular particularly with primary aged children. You can see the video under ‘Free Resources’ here, if you are interested in a copy of the sheet music then you can contact us here.


Got an idea you would like to explore and see if we can help? Rev Simo is always willing to chat through ideas and offer support wherever he can, use the contact page to reach out.